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Friday, August 27, 2004

To Uncover (An Election Year Checklist)

-Who leaked Valerie Plame's identity to douchebag for freedom Bob Novak?

-Who is in Dick Cheney's secret energy task force?

-Who revealed that Khan, the Pakistani computer hacker who was actually working on our side, was the source for the recent terror alert raise to orange in NY, NJ, DC? Wasn't that a mistake?

-What other blatant violations of law and public trust occured in regards to the Abu Ghraib abuse?

-Why did Bush sit still for 7 minutes when he was told "America is under attack"? Who did he think was running the country when he was hearing all about that great goat story?

-Why didn't the EPA warn New Yorkers that the air was unsafe to breathe after 9/11? Did it have to do with the NYSE opening the following Monday? Return to normalcy indeed.

-Why does the President go on a bass fishing show to promote his folksy image when grocery stores in my state (CA) have to place warnings on eating fish because of high levels of mercury?

-Why was the intelligence we used to go to war so bad, and why didn't anyone think to correct the presumptions?