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Thursday, September 09, 2004

K Kelly and S Hersh

I say, we make the most of this Kitty Kelley book when it comes out not because it's the best road of attack in questioning the President's credentials and credibility, but because there is another book around the corner that will explain a much more recent outrage- and that is Seymour Hersh's book The Road to Abu Ghraib. It will tell all about what happened between 9/11 and the release of pictures from Abu Ghraib, and the scramble after the release to conceal other pictures from the public and to deflect blame away from the people responsible. This means Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, and Rummsfeld! Not to mention Sanchez, Wolfowitz, Cambone, probably a bunch of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Condi, Meyers, and all the rest. What is so awful about Abu Ghraib is that it is a REAL threat to our national security!! If everyone knew what the Pentagon knew happened in that prison, what they have videotape evidence of that they're not releasing, people would be outraged against George Bush AND the United States. Bush is trying to say that he IS the United States, so that if we don't vote for him we're not voting for the interest of the country. But he's not the United States, the United States would not allow for torture and sexual humiliation, for rape and murder to be allowed by the CIA for whatever purpose the executive branch wants. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and Bush is saying, we'll take away those Constitutional rights from you but we're going to call ourselves America anyways. How dare they tell voters that if THEY make "the wrong choice" we'll be attacked. The American people do not make decisions that regard how safe our country is from terrorism. We don't have the duty of scanning our ports and regulating immigration and making planes safe from hijackers. That's the Federal Government's responsibility, and someone sure dropped the ball!

So everybody while the 3rd anniversary of that terrible day is coming up, please remember what this is also the 2nd anniversary of: George Bush's speech to the UN explaining why we should depose Saddam.

The rationale in September 2002 was that Saddam violated the UN.

The rationale for the Senate vote in Oct 2002 was Weapons of Mass Destruction and an imminent threat.
Why was the vote in Oct 2002 but we didn't go to war until March 2003?

The Iraq War Resolution vote was a POLITICAL PLOY. It was held right before the election to put Democrats on the spot, to force them to vote for war or somehow that shows that they don't want to protect America.

Al Qaeda hijacks Islam, 19 hijack 4 planes, and Bush hijacks 9/11 for the purpose of invading Iraq.

It's that simple folks. They wanted to go to war all along and nothing would have stopped them, not even if both Kerry and Edwards voted no in Oct 2002. But what they did vote yes on was,

1. Proof of WMDs
2. Weapon inspections
3. Saddam's compliance
4. UN approval for military action
5. International support

Bottom line: We're there now, like Barack said there were patriots for the war and patriots against the war, but hell we're all in the same boat now. We are putting all our faith and trust in JFK to turn around the WRONG policies of GWB and it seems so clear to me that the Democrats will have the vision and planning to pull us out of this mess.

P.S. Because if they don't we're right F**KED