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Friday, November 12, 2004

Get Informed About Fraud

What the hell happened on Tuesday, November 2?

Was our democracy stolen from us, as we placed our votes in black boxes, and gave corporations all our trust? Is there a reason the blogs are abuzz, and the TV media is dead silent?

If this is true, it is the biggest conspiracy of our time. It marks the definite end of the American democracy. It is the rubicon. Only, of course, if it true and can be proven.

Otherwise, at the very least this may help educate people about the flawed proccess that we, the people, are forced to use when we are empowered to pick our government representatives.

Please listen to:

Bev Harris on Randi Rhodes

Bev Harris runs the website

Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) one of the few TV personalities discussing the possibility of fraud

Randi Rhodes Archives (since last Friday she has been talking nonstop about evidence of fraud)


Also if you are sorry about the outcome of the US Election please check out


If you're not sorry you can join the minority at


What is there to be sorry about? Great question. In my humble opinion, a whole lot.