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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Official Heinz Stance on Partisanship

Heinz Website - Company Info

"Heinz Ketchup is a non-partisan condiment that simply stands for great taste. It's enjoyed by Republicans, Democrats and Independents," said Debbie Foster, vice president of corporate communications for H.J. Heinz Company. "Heinz has been the favorite of Americans across the political spectrum for 135 years, and we have no intention of engaging in a political food fight now."

Thank God they're sticking to the issues! Let's all have a debate on good taste.

Claiming Bush had any kind of immediate and intelligent reaction to September 11, when video evidence proves he was more interested in the ending to The Pet Goat than knowing details of "America... under attack", is in bad taste.

Purple Heart Band-Aids on RNC delegates, passed out by Morton Blackwell, are not in good taste.

Claiming the Iraqi people are freer, when denying them justice for the horrible abuses of Abu Ghraib by withholding evidence from the world is in awful taste.

John Edwards is right when he says, if you look at what we will do, that which they can not do, it is a difference.