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Saturday, September 25, 2004


It has been four weeks since the launch of THE WRITING ON THE WALL.

Here is a full list of all the up-to-date stories that have been published in the first four weeks.

Rummy Takes A Cut
Mad Allawi
Hager FDA Appointment
Online Video Clips
Jimmy Swaggart's Hate Speech
Time for a Wake Up
SF Weekly's Advice for Kerry
Can You Feel the Draft
Kerry's Position on Iraq
Hijacking Catastrophe movie online
That funny looking cloud
100% Authentic Chickenhawk
K Kelly and S Hersh
On The Issues: Abu Ghraib
Is Kerry A Good Catholic?
Busting Up BCCI
Rock For Change schedule
10 Year Olds Don't Vote
JFK's 1961 Inaugural Speech
Open Forum submission for SF Chronicle
Clip Show
Why I'm voting for John Kerry
The Hero and the Zero
A finding from the blog.johnkerry.com. Is it righ...
Documentaries Online
Two Questions
A Message for Mr Blackwell
The Official Heinz Stance on Partisanship
Safe and Saferer
Are you better off?
The politics of fear and the audacity of hope
"A Catastrophic Success"
The Depths of Abu Ghraib
A Few Good Men
Bush, Cheney, Rummfeld, Ashcroft v. The United States
Ben Barnes Helps Bush Dodge Vietnam
To Uncover (An Election Year Checklist)
Butting Heads
Kerry's speech on Iraq War Resolution
Democractic National Convention speeches
Vietnam-era Military Records
Remember the Bill of Rights?
Fay and Schlesinger reports
Review of Four Trials, by John Edwards
Music to read along to